The World Futnet Championship

Prague 2022


4. 11. 2022


O2 universum (main hall)

From 15:00basic groups in threes including CZE and KOR

UNYP ARENA – Sparta Podvinný mlýn

From 9:00 basic groups in singles including CZE and KOR

From 12:00 basic groups in pairs including CZE and KOR

5. 11. 2022


O2 universum (main hall)

From 8:00 quarter-final groups in singles

From 12:00 quarter-final groups in pairs

At 16:00 the opening ceremony with the arrival of all participants of the WC

From 17:00 quarter-final groups in threes

6. 11. 2022


O2 universum (main hall)

From 8:00 matches for 5th to 8th place in all singles, doubles and triples.

At 11:00 the medal ceremony of Division B

From 11:30 block of all semi-finals – singles, doubles and triples

From 15:00 block of all medal finals – singles, pairs and triples


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